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The present world is based on trading. Things have value, which is measured by money. Even states emphasizes economic thinking and nowadays, economists are the ones who act as wise counselors. This cannot be without affecting our well-being and human

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Jarno Metso

Connection to nature

Because we live primarily in a man-made environment, we no longer fully understand the meaning of nature in our lives.

Jarno Metso

What KiDo means?

The name KiDo consists of two old Oriental concepts  Ki (氣) and Do (道). Ki Ki has originally meant omnipresent life

Jarno Metso

Natural relationship

The natural relationship describes what things and events really are and how they directly and immediately affect their environment. Understanding

A good life is balanced, free and meaningful.

A natural relationship, which means an understanding of how things affect each other, is the key for this.

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