Natural Relationship

The foundation of our success

Interaction skills are one of the most important skills in our lives. They are the foundation of our well-being and success. Developing them is important for success in working life and for managing one’s own life.

All too often interaction situations remain very superficial or easily drift into confrontation, as our behaviour in them typically follows a primitive fight-or-flight model. These primitive emotional reactions and behavioral models often arise before we even become aware of them.

We are not usually even aware of how we ourselves affect the situation, let alone how the situation affects us. Our own prejudices are also easily left out of our consciousness.

By developing good interaction skills, we are able to rise above the situation and control the interaction situation naturally.

We don’t have to change whole life,
only how we operate.

Life management

We are constantly being influenced far more than we think. While we ourselves have the power to choose what we do, without good interaction skills we drift unknowingly into the control of other people, the situation, or our own feelings and internal patterns.

Because we live in constant interaction with our environment, we must have a determined desire to take control of our lives. We need to develop ourselves, become aware of these means of influencing, and of the things that affect us. Without good interaction skills and a holistic understanding of the things that affect us, we will easily hand over control of our lives to others.

We must have a determined desire
to take control of our lives.

KiDo – Art of Natural Relationship

Our holistic approach helps improve individuals performance and life management by improving interaction intelligence.

Our method is based specifically on understanding interaction, understanding how all the different elements of our lives interact with each other. With this understanding, we can develop our action so that we can live the best possible life and enjoy our better performance.

The Art of Natural Relationship can be applied to all the situations we want to gain better control over. It has also worked particularly well in challenging interaction situations and conflict management.