KiDo - Way of Natural Relationship

We are part of our environment, we cannot separate ourselves from it. It affects us and we affect it. Understanding this relationship is the foundation of a good life.

However, with the constant conceptualization of things, we have lost our awareness of this natural relationship. This has left a strange feeling of emptiness and separation in our lives, that makes us seek happiness and well-being in many different ways.

KiDo is literally a path that leads us to find again this natural relationship. It helps us to create natural balance between our mind and body, and also helps us to understand our relationship with the environment, how it affects us, and how we affect to it.

On this site, we share information about this natural relationship and how it brings good balance, freedom and well-being into our lives. This kind of life is possible for everyone, regardless of their place in society, religion, profession, wealth or anything else. It is simply a matter of capability to understand the natural relationship.

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