Way of Natural Relationship

Path. Zakopane, Poland. Picture: Saija Kuisma


What we do

Our goal is to raise people’s awareness and teach people how to understand the natural relationship, and the good, balanced and relaxed way of living that comes with it. We want to make people aware again of the holistic nature of life and our own connection to everything around us.

Well-being arises from the natural balance of things.

Natural relationship

We are part of our environment, we cannot take ourselves apart from it. We affect it and it affects us. Understanding This solid relationship is the foundation of a good life.

A natural relationship means a deep and authentic relationship with oneself and the environment at its most natural and purer way. It emphasizes down-to-earth living, awareness and a good connection.


Training and information

The name KiDo consists of two old Oriental concepts Ki (氣) and Do (道), life force and the road. We have combined these signs, and by that we refer to natural relationship.

Trainings and events

On our trainings we go through how the different elements of life influences each other. The goal of our training is better connection, better understanding and naturally a better life.


In coaching, we go through with a practical approach, how you can improve your own well-being and achieve a natural relationship in your own daily life.

Practising on the tatami

Tatami training is based on Ki-Aikido and focuses on mind and body control in challenging interaction situations.




Good relationship with the environment

Because we live primarily in a man-made environment, we no longer fully grasp the meaning of nature in our lives. We help people restore a natural relatinship with the environment.

Understanding the natural relationship is based on perceiving and experiencing things directly. It’s about what things and events really are and how they affect their environment.