The culture of winning

The culture of winning

Do we need competition? At least that kind of competition what it is now. Originally, competitions has been used to develop persons abilities and skills, but it seems that nowadays competitors main purpose is only to win. Winning doesn’t really develop a person’s skills to the extreme. Because winning is possible when one is better than others at certain moment. Also, when the only purpose is just to win, it creates wrong kind of development and creates unnecessary conflicts. Because the idea to win affects our mind and we easily start to behave everywhere according to that. This also affects in our normal social situations, we easily start to compare ourselves to others and try to be better than them.

Our current culture which admires winning creates wrong kind of competition. It teaches people that they have to compete with each other and makes them to try to be better than others already from very childhood. We compare the grades we get at school right away with others and based on that we make judgment of how successful we are. The attitude of winning and the importance of success are emphasized. We are taught that if you want to be successful you have to be better than others. So, already from our very childhood we start to focus on winning rather than the development of our abilities and skills.

The continuous pursuit for winning leads to false kind of selfishness. As soon as we do something better than others, we begin to imagine that we are also better than others as a person. We no longer focus on the relationship with others, but only on competing and winning. Our urge to show others how good we are grows and we start to talk just more and more about what we have achieved. We begin to be self-centered and we start to push more. And the more succeeded we become, the worse our self-centeredness becomes, because after all, our success is always relative to others. As a result, we can no longer appreciate other people, except for what benefits of all of them have to our success. If others are not useful for us, we may even strive to destroy them, so we can avoid competition against them. Also the less we have competitors, the easier it will be for us to be winners.

However, always comes the next situation where someone is better and more successful than we. Then we will be jealous of him. We might try our best to tarnish him and make him weaker in the eyes of the others. So we are trying our best to make up a situation where we can be better than him, instead of appreciating him and learning from him. We just can’t stand that fact, that we are not the best.

The culture of winning is based on the fact that we must be better than someone, better than others. When we are focused only on winning in our lives, then we do not really live our own lives at all, we don’t develop our way of living nor we don’t concentrate on doing things that are good for everybody. This kind of culture of winning can never develop us as far as our potential is. This is because, our development is always related to others and our goal to win them, not to our true potential on that subject. Also from that point of view, it is not important to focus on the direction where our culture is going, it’s more important for us that we succeed. We nether concentrate on what we leave behind for benefit of others, we concentrate only on that do future generations remember us and how excellent we were. And if we were the best, our life has been perfect.

A truth is that art and science can develop us more further than the idea of sport and winning.

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