Old Finnish spruce forest. Picture: Jarno Metso

Connection to nature

Because we live primarily in a man-made environment, we no longer fully understand the meaning of nature in our lives. We don’t see that we are ultimately completely dependent on the surrounding nature and get even nowadays everything we need from nature. Urban life has made us estranged from it, and we no longer realize how much it gives us.

In our free time, we often go close to nature, to jogging trails, parks and cottages. However, we don’t really understand how much more we could get from even a short amount of time in nature. Nature is a much more fascinating and richer environment than we guess. However, as a result of modern urban life, our minds and senses are numb and we are no longer able to experience it purely.

We help to understand the meaning of nature and restore a good connection with it. We teach how it can be sensed purely and how one can fully experience its riches. We teach you how to read nature, tracks and understand natural relationship. Nature is the source of well-being and life, and KiDo takes you to this source from which you can draw energy into your life.

“The tragedy in life is not what men suffer, but what they miss.”
– Thomas Carlyle –
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