Svartisen, Norway. Picture: Jarno Metso

The world based on matter destroys well-being

The present world is based on trading. Things have value, which is measured by money. Even states emphasizes economic thinking and nowadays, economists are the ones who act as wise counselors. This cannot be without affecting our well-being and human relationships, not to speak of our relationship with surrounding nature.

Economic thinking is reflected everywhere. It also determines our relationship with other people and nature. The question arises, is for example the value of forests really that, how much they produce wood, how much we get material from those forests. Can we really measure the value of nature as how much it produces material for us? Should we stop and think, how much better we can live in an environment where nature is around us? Today’s big metropolises cause significant health problems. Instead nature and its forests refresh and heal us. We can see that in cities, people naturally seek out close to nature, on a beautiful day.

When traveling around the world with a backpack on your back, you notice very well that those who have a lot of money, can spend time and enjoy their life in very nice surroundings. Unfortunately, this means that not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this kind of comfort. The poor neighborhoods are really junk and uncomfortable. They simply do not have the opportunity for better. So, in the future, will only the rich have access to a comfortable and healthy environment? Already in many places this seems to be the case.

In the Nordic countries, things are still good compared to the rest of the world. We really have more equal opportunities for well-being than the rest of the world. However, change is already evident also here. We don’t seem to have enough money to take care of our environment properly anymore. So can we achieve real prosperity and well-being in the current way, which is based on the economy and trade?

Nature works from the inside out

Nature works from the inside out. In relation to man, this means that the mind gives birth to our concrete actions. Therefore, everyone should stop to think about their own values. Are matter, or products, really more valuable to us than relationships, services, spirituality and well-being? What value do we give to our relationship with our environment, our friends, and generally for that we are a part of this diverse living world?

Money itself is not a problem. Basically, it just expresses what we value about. The real problem is our selfishness, greed and lack of understanding. So we should create value for things that really create well-being. In order to learn how real well-being comes, we should first stop running and chasing external things. This alone is difficult in today’s commercial world, which gives us the wrong image of a good life. Today’s children are not even given the chance to have a good life. They are taught already from childhood to want everything new. In reality, we only sell them empty promises of good life wrapped in nice packages.

True well-being cannot be found in the material world. True well-being consists of mental balance, right spiritual values, good relationship with nature and other people, good relationship with our entire environment. When our inner world, our thinking, and our spiritual values are in place, we naturally begin to create good around us. But how much do we value our mental well-being and our environment?

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