Canadian geese in Seurasaari park, Helsinki. Picture: Jarno Metso

Natural relationship

The natural relationship describes what things and events really are and how they directly and immediately affect their environment. Understanding this natural relationship is based on perceiving and experiencing things directly. It is not a question of beliefs or opinions, but of what is in reality and what is actually happening.

Learning and understanding are based on perceiving and experience. Perceiving and experiences are also the basis of thinking. The purer our perceptions are, the better basis we have for thinking and reasoning. Often, however, our past experiences, emotional reactions, and beliefs significantly influence our attitude and perception. In addition, we also blind ourselves with eternal thinking, which sometimes prevents us from perceiving the reality around us even completely.

To understand the natural relationship, we must strive to keep our minds pure so that our perceptions are as truthful as possible. This requires practice and also understanding of the true nature of the mind. It’s important to question personal opinions and beliefs and admit to yourself that you don’t really know, don’t really see, and don’t understand how things really are.

So the intention is to look at things with a pure mind, without expectations, without any preconceptions, we just look. We are here and we just experience. We let the concepts and beliefs we have learnt evaporate and we just perceive things directly. That’s when we naturally start learning what things really are and how they affect.

The natural relationship is about the true nature of events and things.

By developing our ability to perceive purely, we learn to recognize the true nature of things and how they continually and naturally affect on each other. We see how all things are in a close and immediate connection, and how all events naturally arise as a result of the relationship between things. We find that the separateness of things is an illusion. We learn to understand that we are part of our environment and we cannot separate ourselves from it. We begin to see how our environment affects us and how we affect it.

Whole life is based on this immediate natural relationship, where all things are interconnected and where everything matters. In this relationship, nothing happens in vain. This fixed relationship of things gives birth to events and creates a constant change, where things born and die, where life itself and its survival is valuable and delicate.

Understanding the natural relationship is based on the purity of mind.

All events affect their environment like concentric circles.

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