Kivi vartijat (Stone guards). Grossglockner, Austria. Picture: Jarno Metso

What KiDo means?

The name KiDo consists of two old Oriental concepts  Ki (氣) and Do (道).

Ki Ki has originally meant omnipresent life force and also mental and physical strength. Later, its meaning has expanded to include all things that cannot be clearly defined, but are nonetheless perceptible and observable. It also means things that are not tangible, such as essence, idea, spirit, potentiality etc. Science rejected the concept of life force in the 19th century because it was too vague for mathematical models and introduced, kind of an equally vague consept, energy.

Do literally means a path or a road. The concept describes the underlying natural order of the universe and the way how universe works. It also means principles and teachings. We can experience this natural order when we perceive the world through a calm mind. The concept, therefore, refers to understanding of things by experiencing them directly.

KiDo describes a path to a natural relationship

The world is in constant change. The change is due to the interaction of things, where energy is transferred between them. This constant interaction affects everything in our lives and it can be seen everywhere in our surrounding. When this relationship between things is harmonious and balanced, we call it a natural relationship.

Omnipresent energy field

We easily think that energy is something external that affects things. In reality, everything is energy, although in our everyday experience it is difficult to comprehend at first.

In the quantum model, the physical universe consists of energy. Energy is a unified field of information that is potentially everything, but physically nothing. This energy field lives and changes constantly.

When enough energy accumulates somewhere in the field, it seems to condense into small bundles of energy, particles. The state of such particles depends on their external conditions as well as the properties and intensities of the interactions between them. We observers make a single particle or group of particles appear as a concrete experience.

Ki means how we experience the omnipresent energy.

We respond to this omnipresent energy field with feelings and thoughts. However, this energy field does not actually react to what we think or want, it reacts to our way of being, to what we are. Together, the mind and body create our essence, that is the state of our being, what we are in every moment.

When we unite our minds and bodies into one, a strong ki is created, which is the energy we can experience. The contradictions within us, in turn, cause the disintegration of energy and the loss of power. It is exactly our unified essence and ability to direct our energy, that is the best way we can influence our world.

Even if we ourselves are not aware of our essence or what we express, nature reacts to it. Also, no matter how we think we express something, nature responds to what our being actually expresses.

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