KiDo – Art of Natural relationship can be used diversely in different areas of life, in work-life and business, as well as in one’s own personal life.

KiDo, due to its comprehensiveness, is an excellent tool for developing work-life interaction skills but also for mental coaching, as well as for handling animals. It is also well suited for challenging interaction situations and conflict management.

In addition to courses and lectures, we also offer personal coaching, business consulting and expert services.

Better awareness
Better skills
Better connection
Naturally a better life.


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Our coaching always starts with a starting survey, followed by a coaching period where the trainee's knowledge and skills are improved. After the coaching period, there is an independent training phase lasting about a month. During that phase we are in regular contact with the trainee. This is followed by a final survey and meeting, where the trainee is also given instructions on how to proceed.