The name KiDo is made up of two old oriental concepts Ki (氣) and Do (道).

Ki has originally meant the vitality of all living things. Later, its meaning has expanded to include all things that cannot be clearly defined, but they are nevertheless perceptible and observable. It means also things that are not tangible, such as essence, idea, spirit etc.

Do literally means a path or road. The concept describes the underlying natural order of the universe and the way how universe works. It also means principles and teachings. We can experience this natural order when we perceive the world through a calm mind. The concept, therefore, refers to the understanding of things by experiencing them directly.

KiDo is a way to deeper understanding of natural relationship.

In the visible universe, everything has a form which has unique features. These forms are actually countless different energy fields. None of these forms are separated from each other, so their energies interact with each other. Indeed, the world is in constant change, and caused by this change is this continuous interaction between things. This constant interaction affects everything in our lives and it can be seen everywhere in our surrounding. We call this path of learning and living according to these universal laws as a Way of Natural Relationship.

KiDo - Way of Natural Relationship

KiDo is the way of natural relationship. Its main parts are awareness, mind control and influence.


Perception is the base of awareness. It builds our understanding of the world and creates our consciousness. And the base of mind control is attention, that we are able to consciously direct our mind and use it. Awareness and mind control together are the base of how we can control our inner world and our lives. Our inner world is an essential thing of that, how we affect our surrounding world. It is also where our essence, which is the most important factor of influence, comes from.

Being present and having an open and balanced mind, creates an essence that is spontaneous and natural. This way of being naturally present is the base of making a good influence.

Natural Relationship

The way how things create a balance and affect in their surrounding naturally, is all about what we call as natural relationship...

Some principles of KiDo:

  • Relationship is the basis of life
  • Connection with our environment always exists
  • Living things strive to maintain balance
  • Energy flows to the direction of attention
  • The mind moves the body
  • The mind creates a connection
  • The inner world creates outer world