Natural Relationship

The way how things create a balance and affect in their surrounding naturally, is all about what we call as natural relationship. To understand this natural relationship, one has to perceive things with pure mind. True natural relationship is not a concept nor opinion, it’s what is reality and how it works.

Natural relationship is all about how things create balance and affect in their surrounding naturally.

Learning and the emergence of understanding is based on ones perception and experience. Perceptions and experiences are also the basis of thinking. To get truthful thoughts ones perceptions has to be pure, and to get pure perceptions one has to clear his mind. However, often our past experiences, emotional reactions, and beliefs have a significant impact on our perceptions. We also blind ourselves with continuous thinking that sometimes prevents us totally to even realizing reality around us.

To understand the natural relationship, first we need to purify our mind so that our observations are as truthful as possible. This requires practice and also a good understanding of the true nature of the mind itself. It is important to question your personal beliefs and to admit to yourself that you do not really know, you do not really see or understand how things really are. The purpose of all this is to look at things with a clear mind, without expectations, without any preconceived notions, we just look, we just perceive. We let go of all learned concepts and beliefs and we only detect things directly. Then naturally we start to learn what things really are and how they affect.

To understand the natural relationship one has to have pure mind.

By developing our ability to observe purely, we learn to recognize the true nature of things and how they interact with each other naturally. We see how all things are connected in a direct and immediate way, and how all events naturally occur as a result of the interaction between things. We find that the separation of things is an illusion and learn to understand that we are part of our environment and we cannot separate ourselves from it. We start to see how our environment affects us and how we affect it.

All life is based on this never-ending natural relationship where everything matters and nothing happens in vain. Interaction between things creates a constant change. In this change things are born and die, where life itself is fragile and its survival is valuable.

What KiDo Means?

The name KiDo is made up of two old oriental concepts Ki (氣) and Do (道)...

We cannot see reality itself, but we can see how things affect in reality.