Who we are

Jarno Metso

Specialist of Natural Relationship & Writer

+358 40 879 4172


Jarno has successfully helped many people to understand Natural Relationship and to create a better relationship within themselves and their environment, for example with their animals. He has been teaching and training people since 1991. He became an entrepreneur and a security trainer in 2009 after a long career in security.

“When I worked in security, I noticed that the biggest problem was the lack of anticipation and communication skills. People weren’t aware enough or they were wrong about what the situation was.”

Jarno has enjoyed nature and animals since childhood and he has always had a desire to understand things more deeply. At the age of nine, he began judo practice because he wanted to be stronger. Very soon he became interested in the oriental philosophy behind budo and at the age of thirteen, he already began to study Zen Buddhism and meditation. In 1991, he found himself a ki-aikido teacher, and the very next year he became acquainted with Rainer Varis, who brought ki-aikido to Finland and also met ki-aikido’s European head teacher Kenjiro Yoshigasaki. That same year he started to teach ki-aikido in the city of Kemi. Over the years, Jarno has expanded and deepened his studies. He has studied for example ancient peoples habits and their relationship to the nature, spirituality, religions, shamanism, NLP, and cognitive psychology. In 2013, he began to see that relationship is a basis of all living things. From this point of view he started to develop the KiDo – Way of Natural Relationship.

“After working in many professions and also as a trainer for a long time, it was natural for me that I started to do my own thing and share knowledge about Natural Relationship.”

Saija Kuisma

Assistant & Co-Writer

+358 40 410 3903


Saija’s interest in nature and animals led her to study as an animal attendant at the Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia, where she specialized in dog training. After that, she also studied wilderness guide studies at Eerikkilä Sport and Outdoor Resort. Saija became interested about Natural Relationship during her internship period in 2016. An interest to understand what makes life good and a desire to write about it, led her to work on communication skills and on Natural Relationship after graduating. The desire to develop herself and the desire to control her own life eventually led to the establishment of a company.

“People need more information and understanding about the Natural Relationship and a well-balanced life what comes within.”

Besides of writing, Saija also takes care of arrangements for lectures and meetings.